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Providing robust, flexible and dependable communications products and services is our specialty. Businesses like yours depend on our superior customer support to connect IP and digital systems to create a completely hassle-free environment.

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We understand every client’s situation and needs are unique. Through our consultation process, we develop personalized solutions suited for your industry and individual project. The results are systems tailored to increase the efficiency of your everyday business communication.

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Let us make your daily communications just a little bit easier. Since our extensive product and service line is industry-specific, we are your one-stop shop for all communications hardware, software and service needs.
Amtel South – Florida

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Don’t be deceived by retailers offering the lowest phone prices! Formatting the phone to fit your business will inevitably cost you. When Amtel is your one-stop communications shop, your company will experience excellent service and optimal savings.

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Chris Renninger

Chris Renninger leads the Amtel South team with over 20 years of business communications experience. He’s been on the front lines of the technology revolution, and it’s required him to become adept in a wide range of communications and hardware systems. His skill set makes him an expert integrator who can easily cross traditional vendor lines to provide the perfect product for his clients.

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